Billionaire On Her Doorstep

By Ally Blake

A Beautiful Portrait of Romance !

BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP is a tender yet emotionally stirring romance that is the perfect choice for the busy reader. Ally Blake provides a quick fast-paced read but one that inspires the heart.

A bad marriage and finances drove artist to the beach of Sorrento and a broken down house. Billionaire Tom Campbell escaped the fast-paced city, but one look at Maggie and escape is the last thing he wants! Tom is a man of honor and one not scared of an honest day's work. Maggie is an artist with a vision for portraits --- and an eye for what Tom has inside. When the two come together, love can't be far behind.

Ally Blake herself has a gift for portraiture! This romance hero is quite special indeed. He might be a billionaire, but when it comes to restoring homes, he doesn't need others working for him. His heart and his hands appreciate wood and and all the details that go into a home. Readers will like the heroine as well. The Blue Eyes scene was priceless --- a wonderful moment of self-realization through the hero and herself and extremely well-written. Ally Blake prepared this scene well beforehand by describing her paintings. The three friends here were a great extra touch that revealed a lot about the hero and heroine's character. Once I wished the words the heroine said to snap the hero out of his past were seen maybe as internal realizations within him but, the hero-heroine match here is quite exceptional and one of the most beautiful aspects of this romance. I enjoyed seeing this heroine find love! This book was a perfect choice for readers who, despite a hectic schedule, want to get lost in a romance and feel rejuvenated and emotionally moved.

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