The Boss's Unconventional Assistant

by Jennie Adams

Perfect feel good romance that puts a smile in the heart.

In THE BOSS'S UNCONVENTIONAL ASSISTANT, Jennie Adams concludes her Gable sisters trilogy with a look at Sophia. Mixing humor, an escalating chemistry between two worthy characters, and nice plot twists that reveal the depth of the characters below the surface, this romance is a perfect choice for those wishing to relax during hectic or stressful times. Light yet heartwarming, this romance was a pleasure to read from start to finish.

Sophia Gable leaves the busy city life of Melbourne, Australia to arrive at the country estate of Grey Barlow, a multimillionaire property developer. Having used up much of her financial buffer zone, she finally has a posting. Ready to begin her career change, Sophia has to make this work and does she ever have her work cut out for her! Grey Barlow is used to being an active, in-charge kind of man. When a sprained ankle and broken arm put a kink in his full steam ahead work schedule, he is forced to hire a temporary assistant and he is none to pleased at the idea of handing over the reins even for the most regular of tasks. With her bright clothes and unconventional ways, Sophia is not exactly what he imagined. Bright, intelligent with looks to match, his new assistant has a knack for breaking rules and protocol. Ordered to rest and take it easy by his doctor, Grey is one hard-to-please grumbling boss. Does Sophia have what it takes to bring this man under control? Can they control the unspoken physical attraction that only seems to grow the closer they become? When disaster strikes, will Grey be there for Sophia? Grey might not be the commitment type, but will he stand up for her?

In THE BOSS'S UNCONVENTIONAL ASSISTANT, Jennie Adams brings together two unlikely characters who bring out conflict and through that conflict, they discover the best in themselves and each other. Unconventional yet full of warmth and cheer, Sophia has just the perfect combination of spunk, innocence and humor to shake this handsome man out of his bad humor and open his heart. Grey is a successful businessman. He prepares and gets things right in every detail. Can Sophia teach him that sometimes rules and seriousness need to give way to softness and love? When needed, Grey goes beyond the call of duty, but can he do the same for love? When Sophia herself becomes vulnerable and needs someone to stand up for her, is serious, grumbling Grey the man for the job?

With a delightful sense of humor and detail, Jennie Adams creates memorable characters to steal the heart. The inner thoughts of her characters, expressed in italics, versus the words they actually say to one another bring lots of smiles as these two battle the growing attraction between themselves. Sophia's love for animals adds a nice twist, showing her heart to both Grey and the reader. Despite his no-nonsense exterior, Grey's good nature and qualities shine forth. Jennie Adams ends this romance and indeed the series with a bold plot twist that brings her sisters and family together, giving the reader a nice portrait of the Gable women and their interconnections as well as a heartwarming, romantic portrait of Grey as a hero. THE BOSS'S UNCONVENTIONAL ASSISTANT is a perfect feel good romance that puts a smile in the heart.

Personal notes:

I read this book during a very stressful nightmarish time when my 18 year old dog was sick but had not yet been diagnosed either to the cause or severity of the illness. Our family's life was completely consumed with trips to and phone calls with several vets. Quite frankly, I was not in the mood to read and this was the only book on my shelves that appealed and could keep my attention. Life was so full of distractions and crises, that I had to read one chapter 5 times---and I loved it each and every time. For that reason, I would highly recommend this book to romance lovers to keep on their shelves for those nightmare moments in life when reading choice is difficult---either because of real life or for reading slumps when little appeals. I found the humor, the characters themselves, and the gentle tone are the perfect remedy to bring an inner smile and I looked forward to each page.

Book Description:

Sophia Gable is anything but conventional, and multimillionaire Grey Barlow knows this the second he meets her. With her bright clothes, and even brighter outlook on life, Sophia is no ordinary PA! And Grey is beginning to wonder why he's hired her…

Sophia is nervous about her first temporary assignment, and falling for her boss is the last thing she needs. But how can she not want to get personal with broodingly handsome Grey? He may not be the commitment type, but she has a warm, generous heart that may be just what this grumbly boss needs!

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