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The Bride's Baby
The Bride's Baby by Liz Fielding
by Liz Fielding
A romance that sparkles right off the pages into the heart!

Publisher: Harlequin Romance (April 2008)

Liz Fielding's The Bride's Baby is a short romance that moves the heart with smiles, laughter, tenderness and emotion.

Events manager Sylvie Smith's friend Candy left her friend with one huge mess! First she roped Sylvie into doing the planning for her wedding to the rich, powerful and handsome Tom McFarlane and then she walks out on the groom, the same groom who is now going over each event detail cost, line by line, with eyes glaring. Glares turn into sparks, an electric chemistry that neither Sylvie nor Tom can resist.

Now months later, Celebrity magazine comes to her with a proposition to profile her company, as company that has planned some of the most talked about weddings. Design the wedding of dreams and let readers catch a glimpse of what she herself would choose. With a chance to promote all the local Wedding Fayre exhibitors with the benefits going to charity, Sylvie has others counting on her. Just when Sylvie thought she had put the past behind her, her worst nightmare comes true! Standing in her ancestral home, in walks the new owner --- Tom McFarlane to overlook the events.... no way will he not notice that Sylvie is pregnant! Sylvie might be able to design a perfect wedding for Celebrity magazine but what is a wedding without a groom? Can true love and serendipity provide what the best wedding planning cannot? Can broken hearts find love beyond even their wildest dreams?

The Bride's Baby hooks the reader in from the first paragraph and never lets go. Liz Fielding's characterization and dynamic descriptions place the reader right there, next to Sylvie as she goes down the failed wedding receipt check list. Sylvie is a spunky, intelligent heroine with a heart of gold. The hero Tom is a powerful successful businessman, an Alpha male with a delightful wounded soul mix. From the beginning, the reader has empathy for him. This man knows how to really move a woman, body, heart and soul.

The Bride's Baby writing sparkles with emotion and romance. Liz Fielding writes descriptions with beauty and precision. The reader easily visualizes the scenes and the emotions through the imagery itself. The decisive action of an article of clothing or a certain color reappearing make the story vibrant and alive. Liz Fielding writes memorable moments and action scenes packed with the perfect mix of concrete description and imagery that stay in the memory long after the reader places the book on a bookshelf.

The plot of The Bride's Baby moves smoothly from energetic romantic conflict to moments of powerful chemistry between the hero and heroine, from conflict to heartwarming tenderness, with several wonderful surprises along the way. Heart-warming scenes in this romance reach out beyond the hero and heroine's story to the reader's heart. The Bride's Baby is a romance that a reader will want to share with friend's and family. The Bride's Baby is a wonderful short romance that awakens both the tender heart of the young girl and the deep emotions of the woman in a reader. A keeper!

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