English Lord, Ordinary Lady

by Fiona Harper

Delightful Romance with pink hair, fairies and English castles!

Fiona Harper's English Lord, Ordinary Lady is a short romance read, both humorous and emotional with its vivid imagery. Historic class snobbery and modernity conflict as the hero and heroine meet and seek to make a place for themselves and their hearts. English Lord, Ordinary Lady has a perfect mixture of romantic conflict and tenderness.

William Radcliff is an English lord by birth and determined to follow all the protocols of nobility --- including the stuffiness. But when it comes to his attraction --- sometimes all the protocol in the world can't prevent a kiss! When Will returns to claim his birthright, an English castle Elmhurst Hall, the first thing he encounters is a little pink fairy in the shape of a little girl and his mom Josie with hot-pants pink hair! Josie is one bad girl with her crazy hair and tabloid pictures to prove it. What happens when you mix these two (or three) together --- trouble and love all wrapped in one!

English Lord, Ordinary Lady is fun light and humorous romance read. Josie is a rebel against the class system that confines with rules and protocol. Will seeks to re-establish his place in society. Will's stuffiness and preservation of class protocol create humorous conflicts without a mean-spirited bullying arrogance of the typical alpha male romance hero against the heroine. Fiona's characterization of the hero makes him quite appealing to the reader as well as to Josie! On the surface, Josie and Will appear to be opposites but as the hero and heroine both struggle to make a way for themselves based on their hearts rather than the circles society has placed them, their hearts find a way of seeing through the surface to values they share. Will is a perfect hero for her --- especially after he meets her and has his eyes opened. Once they recognize their feelings, can they also also work together? Will Elmhurst Hall unite or separate them? When chaos strikes, will Josie's family interfere and how?

Fiona Harper creates scenes between the main characters and the secondary family characters that change hearts. The scenes between Will and Josie's daughter, the little girl fairy, create a tender, heart-warming effect that brings echoes of the Cinderella story back in an innovative and changed context. Fiona Harper creates several nice twists in which disaster leads to tenderness between her characters. Humor mixes with hidden dreams in this romance, creating a memorable read both delightful and emotionally satisfying.

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From the back cover:
His unconventional bride!

Will Radcliff is the perfect English lord. He's handsome and honorable, but a stickler for convention. And he's just inherited Elmhurst Hall.…

Rebelling from her stuffy, controlled upbringing, Josie has never followed the rules. She's a waitress at the stately home, and is like a breath of fresh air. But her new boss, Lord Will, thinks she's nothing but trouble!

Then one moonlit night, Will and Josie share a kiss which, for a moment, makes them feel not so very different after all.…

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