Expecting a Miracle

by Jackie Braun
A jerk, a modern day knight and a baby: a wonderful romance read

Jackie Braun's short romance Expecting A Miracle tells the story of a heroine whose unexpected pregnancy leads her to find true love. The contrast between two men provides an amusing yet heart-warming look into the nature of love and power.

Lauren Seville and her husband Holden agreed not to have children when they got married so when she miraculously conceives, he wants nothing to do with the pregnancy and threatens divorce. Lauren packs her bags and leaves. When she stops by the side of the road to catch her breath, Gavin O'Donnell stops to see if she needs assistance. With no place to go, Lauren decides to rent the cottage on his land. The two can't help but form a friendship, but will her miraculous pregnancy lead to other unexpected results like love and a real family? Does fate have a way of bringing together two people in a way can heals the past?

Lauren's husband is a total jerk, the ultimate cad and just a horrifying man. Self-centered and addicted to power and money in the extreme, Holden provides the reader with an image of a man whose attraction is all appearance. A true love match with a man who places convenience and show above love makes neither for true love or fatherhood. Gavin makes a perfect contrast to Holden. Gavin is respectful and his power originates from an inner strength and caring for others. A kind of knight in shining armor, Gavin rescues her in a most distressful situation, but Gavin is a modern knight, one whose rescue empowers the heroine. Lauren's growing love for Gavin opens her heart to her own gifts. In the beginning, Lauren is helpless before her husband's power but certainly not at the end. Gavin O'Donnell is a wonderful hero! Readers will love the way Holden receives justice and his comeuppance with the powerful statement of the nature of true power and manhood at the end of this romance!

Jackie Braun has a writing style that makes it easy for readers to fall into her settings and her characters. The surroundings of Gavin's estate and cottage are a fantasy location in their nurturing quiet, a landscape made for rejuvenation and inspiration. Jackie Braun's writing style makes Expecting A Miracle a smooth read yet also a read with powerfully emotional and dynamic conflicts. Holden's character, a man so horrible the reader can only imagine what might be his next villainous move, adds a bit of exciting suspense. Once Lauren makes a bold move to follow her heart, however, her relationship to Holden will never be the same!
Expecting A Miracle is a delightful romance read where a good man and woman find love, a baby finds a true father, and a bad man finds just the kind of justice he deserves. Jackie Braun's Expecting A Miracle is a romance with a heavenly setting in its peacefulness, a heart-stealing hero and dynamic tension filled encounters. Very highly recommended!

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From the back cover:

When Lauren Seville unexpectedly finds herself pregnant, it's the end of life as she knows it…and the beginning of everything she's dreamed of.

But when she finds the perfect place for her soon-to-be family of two, she is blindsided by her anything-but-maternal attraction to her sexy new landlord.

From the minute Lauren moves into the cottage on his estate, she arouses Gavin O'Donnell's fiercest protective instincts. And as her delivery date nears, the independent mother-to-be awakens something else in the real-estate tycoon: his yearning to be a daddy.

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