Her Baby, His Proposal

by Teresa Carpenter

Short romance that transports the reader with its romantic tenderness.

Teresa Carpenter's short romance Her Baby, His Proposal brings together in a marriage of convenience a woman trying to care for her baby and a navy SEAL. The characters are lovable and the tone is ever so romantic as the hero and heroine gradually grow to love one another together and apart when the Navy deploys him. A bit of spunk enlivens this gentle, tender romance. Teresa Carpenter's Her Baby, His Proposal easily transports the reader into another world.

Jesse Manning got dumped. It's not just getting dumped but how she got dumped by her no-good boyfriend the second the pregnancy test reads positive. Cad, oaf and all around self-centered jerk are only a few words to describe the biological father of Jesse's baby. When Jesse collapses at the bar Green Garter, in steps Navy Chief Brock Sullivan, Navy SEAL. A man full of duty and honor, not only does he take her to the hospital but he offers her his house. That's not all he has to offer her! With deployment just a heartbeat away, this serious Navy man proposes marriage to Jesse! Broke and needing to care for her baby, Jesse takes Brock up on his offer. Can this Navy SEAL give her something she has never had before? Can this dutiful and honorable man find that sometimes life is about more than duty and prowess?

Teresa Carpenter draws the reader into the heart of her romance from the very beginning as Jesse's boyfriend Tad brazenly and selfishly abandons her in the most insulting way possible to a mother-to-be. Immediately, the reader feels her dilemma alongside the pain and outrage. From his introduction, the reader feels Brock's desire for Jesse before he learns about her pregnancy. After the initial dramatic opening of this romance, Teresa Carpenter pulls the reader into the story through her characterization. Jesse and Brock are lovable characters, good people with good hearts who are kind to one another. Jesse has a heart of gold and just enough spunk to balance her dependence on Brock in this marriage of convenience. Brock is a man serious in his commitments, a man of honor, but also a man who thinks of women not just as duty but with a romantic twist when it comes to their wedding. Brock is quite simply one great guy all the way around from his body to his heart and soul. With each scene, the reader sees more and more to love about both Brock and Jesse.

Despite the initial drama of the marriage of convenience, Teresa Carpenter's romance develops gradually as the hero and heroine come together through emails during his deployment. Through electronic letters, Teresa and Brock share their lives, their hearts, their laughter in manner that draws them together. Their relationship develops naturally, as their two hearts grow together gently. Jesse and Brock share a nice spunk, a spark of life and even fun humor between them as they respond to each other and life's events. Teresa Carpenter writes a beautiful scene in which Brock makes a connection between Jesse's baby and his life as a Navy man that creates a tribute to those who serve in the military. Several scenes between him and the baby endear Brock to the reader, as he moves into his role as father with love and a natural ease. Brock's return home exposes them both to a deeper level of sharing and vulnerability, but Teresa Carpenter has carefully laid the groundwork to believe in the hero and heroine's romance. The narrative itself in Her Baby, His Proposal is very smooth and gentle. The ever so romantic tone of this book just transports a reader into their world.

From the back cover:

Brock Sullivan is a navy SEAL—he lives by his own code of honor and he won't see Jesse, pregnant and alone, struggle. He doesn't have to help her, but he knows he can offer her security while he's away fighting for his country. The proposal is convenient and the marriage—paper only!

Jesse would do anything for her baby, even if it means signing away her own dreams of happily ever after and becoming Brock's convenient bride. But, injured in battle, Brock is suddenly home, and what was a simple marriage of convenience is now becoming a whole lot more complicated.

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