Her One and Only Valentine

by Trish Wylie

An explosive and emotional Valentine read!

Her One and Only Valentine is a short tender reunion romance in which misunderstandings of past events provoke explosive passionate emotions. With a child between them, the conflict takes on another dimension. Her One and Only Valentine is a superb Valentine or any time romance read.

When Rhiannon MacNally found herself pregnant, the father was nowhere to be found. Now Kane Healey is back! Rhiannon not only has to protect her heart, but now she must protect her daughter as well from the man she has learned to hate. When Kane shows up uninvited in the darkness of a stormy night, the fireworks fly! Can Kane and Rhiannon open their hearts and look into their youthful past? Now that they are older, will they be wiser or will they make the same mistakes of the past? Will they discover true love this Valentine's Day?

Her One and Only Valentine starts with a bang, and quickly becomes an emotional read, explosive and heart-warming. Trish Wylie draws the reader into Rhiannon's inner emotional space, allowing the reader to feel her hurt and her need to protect her child. The hero's character develops more gradually as Rhiannon slowly opens her heart and allows herself to see him beyond the hurt he caused her and might cause her child. As the plot unfolds, Trish Wylie gives the reader several surprises. Even if the reader thinks the resolution of this romance will develop a certain way, several surprises await. The wild culinary ending is quite memorable indeed!

Personal notes
Every time I read a romance with happy families, a part of me has to suspend belief. Sometimes, a father showing up or claiming a child is NOT a good thing but the things nightmares are made of! Nevertheless, I do suspend belief because I try to just open a book and ask what it has to give me whatever the story.

Trish Wylie's Her One and Only Valentine broke through that disbelief. I truly felt the heroine's reasons behind her actions and attitudes. Trish Wylie creates a heroine whose pain is palpable but she also creates a reunion scenario that is believable as the two characters work through their pain and misunderstandings. Throughout the story, I found myself moving along with the author as she created these emotional twists and turns. This romance is very well-constructed in terms of plot and characterization and all the things that go into a romance but that insight into the single mom's protection of her child is the gift this author gave to me that reaches out beyond the pages, surpassing her fine craftsmanship with a vision of the emotional conflicts within the heroine's heart.
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From the back cover:

He's back—for the valentine he never should have let go…

When Kane Healey had to fight the hardest battle of his life, he learned the true meaning of "if you love someone, you have to let them go," and decided to face his future alone.

Young and afraid, Rhiannon discovered she was pregnant. But Kane had gone, unaware of the precious miracle he'd left behind.…

Now they have one last chance to put past mistakes behind them. As the Valentine's Day ball approaches, will Kane get down on one knee and make his valentine his bride?

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