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Outback Boss, City Bride
Outback Boss, City Bride By Jessica Hart
by Jessica Hart
Opposites attract, but can they find love in the Outback bush country?

Publisher: Harlequin Romance (September 2007)

City girl Meredith West comes the Australian bush country to find her sister. Hal Granger just doesn't like city girls --- they won't fit into his remote cattle station life or his heart. Or so he thinks! One look at each other spells nothing but trouble but when opposites open their hearts, sometimes love goes beyond attraction. When Hal and Meredith meet, all the mental lists kept for the perfect man or perfect woman just go right out the window. When these two meet Mr. Perfect and Miss Right take on a whole new meaning --- no list can ever describe love from the heart!

At the beginning when Meredith and Hal are on the long ride to the cattle station, they talk without the kind of hesitation strangers might experience, forced together in a car with little in common. Jessica Hart's use of dialogue is superb in this romance. The reader actually sees and feels the hero and heroine getting to know each other as their romance builds. Hal is a superb hero, handsome and rugged yet even when he is gruff, Jessica Hart allows the reader to see his lovable, tender heart. Meredith, a frantic organizer in times of stress, certainly shakes up this remote all-male cattle station with her feminine presence. Her intelligence and spunk together with her compassionate heart may just be the perfect combination for her new boss so set in his ways. Despite all the sparring and differences, Meredith and Hal's ability to talk to one another makes their attraction feel so right.

Jessica Hart instills enjoyable humor into this romance. The shirt scene was fantastic! Jessica Hart has a gift for stirring the reader's emotions with laughter and tenderness. The reader wants to know the characters and cheer for them. OUTBACK BOSS, CITY BRIDE is a delightful, heart-warming and emotionally satisfying read. A beautifully written romance!

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