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Last-Minute Proposal
Last-Minute Proposal by Jessica Hart
by Jessica Hart
Exciting and delightfully humorous: puts a smile in the heart

Publisher: Harlequin Romance (October 2008)

Tilly got roped into a charity fund raiser and now she is on a cliff roped to this handsome, outdoorsy Marine type man scared out of her wits. Campbell cannot believe his partner for this game is so, well, feminine. She sure feels nice against his body but that is no way to win the race, and for him, winning is the ultimate goal! Nothing else matters. When the next stage of game takes another turn, will Campbell be able to put his manly exterior aside to work with Tilly? Will these two opposites somehow come together? Can they deny their sizzling attraction? Outside of the game, can two people with such different lives and goals come together for more than a quick romance?

I just love Jessica Hart's writing and LAST-MINUTE PROPSOSAL, her 50th book, a pure delight. I could not put it down. The hero and heroine are fantastic, plain and simple --- and even better when Jessica Hart puts them together. The vivacious Tilly is full of energy and spunk with a big heart. Campbell is all business with a powerful body to match, a man of honor who provides support in tense moments, but when called on to improvise, especially for the woman he loves, Campbell has just as much determination along with a romantic heart and flexibility to adapt to surprises put before him. Campbell knows how to come up with a surprise or two himself!

Jessica Hart's setting, the game, brings out the best in her characters as each episode places one in the other's familiar terrain. The game takes all the best from reality television while end goals for each character reveal the hearts of both Tilly sand Campbell outside the game. Jessica Hart's characterization and depiction of the interactions in human relationships makes the game feel both real and delightfully humorous, unlike my past favorite reality shows that have become more self-centered PR and less and less satisfying. Jessica Hart makes the game more exciting, intimate and uplifting, as the game focuses on the interactions between players. Quite simply, her players are characters to love and the setting of each episode reveals their hearts, their strengths and their ability to work together. A wonderful surprise ending to the game puts a smile in the heart on the last page.

LAST-MINUTE PROPOSAL is a bit lighter in tone than Jessica Hart's two previous books, every bit as wonderful. LAST-MINUTE PROPOSAL is an absolute reading treat. Jessica Hart has a way of writing that captivates no matter what kind of story she tells. Jessica Hart romances delight with her insights into the human heart. In words, characters, dialog, scenes and conflicts, Jessica Hart tells a story that opens the hearts of her characters and the reader. What a wonderful way to celebrate 50 books with her readers! LAST-MINUTE PROPOSAL is a romance that readers will hold in their hearts long after the last page.

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