Reunited: Marriage in a Million

by Liz Fielding

A tender romance full of heart

Liz Fielding's Reunited: Marriage in a Million is the an incredible first book in a 3 author trilogy called Secrets We Keep. Published under the Harlequin Romance line, advertised as "From the Heart, For the Heart", this tender romance is truth in advertising at its very best. A five star read and then some! Reunited: Marriage in a Million is an emotional read filled with memorable characters and scenes and a delightful resolution.

Belle Davenport, widely known and loved host of a morning television show, defied her husband Ivo. Taking a stand for her independence, she joins the Great Cycling Adventure in the Himalayas, a charity event that will benefit children. Bruised and bloodied from a fall, she confides in two other women cyclists when Ivo does not rush to her side despite the television coverage. When she returns home, Belle is determined to lead a new life even if it means walking out on her prestigious job and husband. Some secrets just can no longer be kept under wraps. Can Ivo face the secrets that he has kept from Belle since their wedding? Can this successful hard core businessman find a way back to her heart and find his heart in the process of winning her? What will her viewers and the paparazzi say when secrets are unveiled?

Belle Davenport keeps secrets of her past from her husband and her television viewers. In an exchange for security, she compromised and gave up her heart. Ivo kept a secret from Belle before their marriage. Both have scars and dark pasts which complicate their lives and dreams. When the secondary characters Manda and Daisy enter the scene, will the marriage break apart or will Daisy and Manda's past, current demands and their deeper longings open Belle and Ivo's hearts to the love in their marriage?

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Oh my, oh my, oh my---this book is wonderful! After reading Liz Fielding's The Secret Life of Gabriella I ordered this book the minute it became available from I started reading it within hours after it arrived. I loved this book so much that I spread it out over 3 days --- even though I could read it in one night, I did not want to finish it. This is my second read from Liz Fielding. After reading Reunited: Marriage in a Million, this author is now an auto-buy for me --- and a back list buy as well.

How many times have we all heard those classic wedding vows? Most of us could recite them as well as any minister. Liz Fielding revitalizes these familiar words with such a romantic scene that I don't think I will ever hear those words again the same way.

Just when I think Liz Fielding just can’t possibly move my heart any more than it is already moved, she does it again. The scissors scene, the jewelry pouch, the wedding ring ---there is even one scene with no sex that just had me on the edge. Humor, passion, romance, and the heart all together with some of the best writing I have seen this year. The hero is to die for--true a bit of an Alpha but also a lost soul that would steal anyone’s heart. The secondary characters are superbly written. I hate them (and love hating them) but how quickly that changes as more secrets are revealed---unforgettable characters and scenes!

Reunited: Marriage in a Million has a place reserved on my most special reads bookshelf. This may be a short tender romance, but this book stole my heart in a big, big way. All I can say is read this book with your heart. Make sure you have a tissue or a piece of chocolate next to you or a child or a husband or a beloved pet to hug or a great girlfriend to call when you finish this book. This book will make you want to share love or have your hand touching your heart when you finish it. I confess, I did have watery eyes a couple of times when I read this romance….not because it is sad but rather because Reunited: Marriage in a Million is such a beautiful romance and one so beautifully written.

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From the back cover:

Popular TV presenter Belle is married to gorgeous billionaire Ivo. But beneath the veneer of her perfect life is the truth of their marriage of convenience.

Belle knows that workaholic Ivo prefers their family of two, but somewhere along the way she fell deeply in love with her husband, and can't help wishing for a baby. Now they must find it within themselves to share the secrets they've never trusted each other with, and make their marriage one in a million again.

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