The Loner's Guarded Heart

by Michelle Douglas

Two hearts and a dog in the desolate Australian landscape

The Loner's Guarded Heart by Michelle Douglas is a short romance packed full of humor, romance, tenderness and a bit of suspense added to the mix. As part of the Heart to Heart sub-brand of the Harlequin Romance line, The Loner's Guarded Heart provides an emotional read, from smiles to tears, where the focus narrows more on the hero and heroine (and the hero's dog), especially in this desolate setting in the Australian wild lands. Forced together by the setting, The Loner's Guarded Heart is a story of the ongoing discovery of love inside the heart.

Josie Peterson wanted to get away from it all after caring for her sick dying father, but did her brothers really have to pick this desolate end of the world place for a retreat? Wildlife of all sorts and nothing, and I mean nothing, of the finer things of life....except one fine addition, Kent Black, her only neighbor and landlord. The last thing Kent really wants is interference in his cherished solitude, especially a needy woman. He may think that but with each encounter, her shining personality and quirkiness melts his heart. When two hearts come together and danger draws them even nearer, love isn't far behind.

What a romance! The Loner's Guarded Heart has a fantastic heroine and hero who capture the reader's heart from their first encounter. Josie's energy and even her difficulties in this new environment are fun, humorous and heart-moving all in one. Kent is sexy, a bit tough as he defends his solitude, but from the very beginning his goodness shines through that tough exterior. Molly the dog is a real heart-stealer! If you love romance and dogs, The Loner's Guarded Heart is a must read.

Michelle Douglas uses plot structure of her romance to draw the reader in from the first pages, but also to allow the reader to discover the process of falling in love between Josie and Kent. From the first encounter as the hero rescues Josie from the wildness of the the Australian landscape, the chemistry between them sizzles as their bodies touch. Michelle Douglas creates the perfect balance between current day action while also allowing the reader to capture enough glimpses of each character's past history to see the inherent goodness in both. As their romance develops, the reader catches more and more glimpses of their pasts. Michelle Douglas holds back just enough to maintain the suspense while also revealing enough hints to peak the reader's curiosity. More importantly, this balance makes The Loner's Guarded Heart a story not just of physical attraction, but a story of two hearts discovering one another and falling in love as they share more and more of themselves and their vulnerabilities with one another. The Loner's Guarded Heart mixes humor and emotion to bring readers a non-stop great romance read.

Michelle Douglas is a new author in the Harlequin Romance author line-up. Her debut book was His Christmas Angel published in December 2007.

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From the back cover:

Josie was touched that her brothers had arranged a holiday for her—she certainly needed one. Only, the location isn't the lively resort she'd expected, but a rustic cabin in a beautiful but isolated Australian idyll.…

Her only neighbor for miles is the taciturn, if incredibly attractive, Kent Black. Following a family tragedy, Kent cut himself off from the world. Josie can't help but be intrigued by this solitary man, and with her bubbly, warm personality, she's determined to pick away at the iron padlock around his heart.

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