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  His Miracle Bride
by Marion Lennox

Humorous and emotionally moving romance with echoes of The Sound of Music

Marion Lennox's HIS MIRACLE BRIDE is a short humorous and emotionally moving romance with playful echoes to a classic film that will delight romance and movie fans alike. HIS MIRACLE BRIDE creates playful, humorous and sometimes tender echoes to an all time favorite movie classic, THE SOUND OF MUSIC --- enough word play and familiar situations to delight fans. At the same time, Marion Lennox renews the theme with different details in setting, plot and character, holding the reader's interest and creating a bit of reading suspense to see how her creative variations on the timeless theme will unfold.

Shanni Jefferson is homeless and penniless. She found her boyfriend and partner in bed with another woman and reacting fast to the outrage, her little art gallery suffered the consequences. She takes a job as a nanny to Pierce MacLachlan's baby but Ruby did not tell her there were more children, five children, in fact! With social services on the family's heels, can Shanni whip the household into presentable shape? The bigger question, of course, is the chemistry between Shanni and Pierce. Can Pierce put away his past and reach out for love? Will Pierce's love inspire Shanni to reach out for her inner dreams?

Readers may find the heroine Shanni a bit bossy in a few instances. Although well-intentioned, her determination to direct Pierce has a slight interfering feel at times. Nevertheless, Shanni is exactly the kind of woman for this hero given his personality and need to open his heart. Just as Baron Von Trapp needed Maria to make him see his children differently, Pierce needs Shanni to waken him to his own dreams. HIS MIRACLE BRIDE provokes a genuine happy feeling at the end from the perfect match that emanates not from the genre convention alone but from the very characters and situation. HIS MIRACLE BRIDE places the hero and heroine in a tense, hectic change of scene from the onset, creating a wonderful humorous dimension to this romance for the reader while opening up the hearts of her characters. As the hero and heroine look into their pasts, their hidden dreams awaken. HIS MIRACLE BRIDE is both a humorous and emotionally moving romance read.
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From the back cover:

An only child, Shanni Jefferson doesn't do family. But temporarily homeless and jobless, she jumps at the offer of a live-in nannying position. How hard can it be to look after one little baby?

Pierce MacLachlan has been economical with the truth—instead of one child, there are five! He's out of his depth with the unruly yet lovable brood…

But every night, once the children are all safely tucked in bed, Shanni wonders whether family life—with gorgeous Pierce—might suit her after all.…

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