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Moonlight and Roses

By Jackie Braun

Romance in the midst of vineyards and wine country.

Jackie Braun's Moonlight and Roses is a short tender romance that pits adversaries together and against each other. The scenery and language of viniculture and viticulture gives this romance a realistic and informative setting that complements the characters.

Jaye Monroe's entire life has been turned inside out when her father dies and his will is read. Alongside her father, Jaye has built the Medallion wine brand with her heart and soul. Her father's will turns the winery and vineyards over to her step-mother and gives Jaye her step-mother's house with all the antiques and items she despises. Jaye's step-mother makes matters worse by selling the vineyards and company to an outsider, Zack Holland. Zack, heir to a renowned prize-winning California winery, wants to strike out on his own and forget the pain of his family and past. When he encounters Jaye, a strong woman and a bit of a tomboy, he is dazzles by her looks, intelligence and spirit. Can the two of them work together for the good of Medallion when their ultimate business plans conflict so? When their physical attraction can no longer be denied, will they be forced to choose between love and business?

In Moonlight and Roses, Jackie Braun creates emotional depth at the same time that the conflicting business interests of the hero and heroine create a fun, suspenseful romantic conflict. Readers will appreciate the strong intelligent Jaye as a heroine whose spirit shines in all she does. Zack, a dreamer and a realist, is a perfect match for Jaye as he values what is most dear to her but also adds his own vision to the business. The author's meticulous research on wine varieties and viticulture grounds this romance with an interesting backdrop for wine enthusiasts and neophytes alike. Jaye and Zack's growing attraction brings them together and creates a more expansive vision, not only of each other, but also of the business. The initial emotional devastation of the will's reading finds the perfect ending as Jackie Braun combines business and romance in a narrative with an expansive view that includes a tribute to both family and independence. The narrative style flows smoothly while providing delightful surprises. Jackie Braun's Moonlight and Roses is a delightful romance on all levels from emotional content to stylistic form.

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From the back cover:

Buying the Monroe family winery gave Zack Holland the fresh start he needed. But the business came with one determined woman, and he could see she wasn't going to hand over the reins easily.

Jaye Monroe knew they had to work together to make the winery a success. But she couldn't bear to give up everything her family had worked for—to an outsider. Yet the attraction sizzled and, what's more, the mood was set with the heady mix of moonlight and the scent of roses!

Soon Jaye started to wonder whether they could develop the perfect relationship—business and personal….

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