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Newlyweds of Convenience
Newlyweds of Convenience by Jessica Hart
by Jessica Hart
Powerful uplifting tale of romance with an unusual heroine.

Publisher: Harlequin Romance (July 2008)

Jessica Hart's Newlyweds of Convenience is a powerful short romance. Told mostly through the heroine's eyes, the reader follows on an emotional journey with the heroine, but just enough ahead of her to know the hero and his heart before she does. Newlyweds of Convenience is full of smiles, laughter, romance and emotion.

When Steve, Mallory's prince in shining armor turned out to be lying, cheating flim-flam man, she lost everything ---- her home, her business, and her heart. Marriage seemed a good solution to keep a roof over her head, especially when Torr offered to pay off her staggering, mind-boggling debt. When Torr inherits a Scottish castle, Mallory wants no part of this ruin, but what choice does she have? Things go from bad to worse when they arrive. If the isolation, lack of the modern conveniences like heat weren't bad enough, there are also wildlife, scary storms, no neighbors and bugs! Mallory's marriage seems more and more a mistake and she will do anything to get out of Kincaillie. Can Torr open her heart to see him in a new light before it is too late to save their marriage? Can these newlyweds find new start in a new setting?

In Newlyweds of Convenience, Jessica Hart creates a modern fairy tale romance, a unique blend of fairy tale situations imbued with modern psychological depth. Jessica Hart writes a romance that brings love to the darkest corners of the heart, a heart in pain. Depression leaves Mallory unable to do little else but look inwards, turning her hurt and anger against herself. The reader feels her emergence from depression, step by step. Torr has an almost magical effect on her as he frustrates her. Her anger empowers her, turning her feelings outward, giving her energy and an emerging fighting spirit. Overwhelmed by fear and anger, Mallory fights her way back from the devastation of her past.

Newlyweds of Convenience is a bit different than others I have read by Jessica Hart but just as powerful. Newlyweds of Convenience is almost exclusively told through Mallory's point of view. The reader questions Torr alongside Mallory, feeling her anger and seeing his actions through her eyes ---- except Jessica Hart lets the reader know just a bit more than Mallory, providing lots of smiles as the reader knows and loves Torr just a bit more quickly than Mallory. As I followed Mallory and her hanging relationship with Torr, I felt smiles, tears, laughter. Jessica Hart takes an impossible hero/heroine mismatch and an impossible marriage of convenience and turns it into a powerful story of a woman finding love again with a man whose patience is greater than Job's, a man who truly loves her even in her darkest moments.

Jessica Hart is one of my favorite Harlequin Romance authors, even more so after reading Newlyweds of Convenience. No matter what the plot or no matter how zany the initial circumstances, she writes a deeply powerful romance. In the initial stages, Torr (as seen through Mallory's eye) seems an impossible man --- the reader feels Mallory's growing anger at him, sides with her....but as the story unfolds, as Mallory emerges from her depression, the reader feels the changes in perspective through her eyes. I applaud this author for writing a romance with this particular heroine, telling her story through her eyes (the character's, not the author's). Newlyweds of Convenience is a beautiful, uplifting romance.

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