The Rancher's Doorstep Baby

by Patricia Thayer

A gentle soothing short romance read

The Rancher's Doorstep Baby is a short tender romance that is a perfect read for a hectic lifestyle or frustrating day. If you want a gentle, soothing read instead of a fighting hero and heroine, this book is a perfect reading choice!

Cole Parrish doesn't want to settle down. Always moving on, that's his way. The problem is that Rachel Hewitt, the owner of Bar H Ranch, keeps pulling at his heart and his desire. Rachel is set to inherit and run the ranch on her own but she needs help and a good ranch hand is hard to find, especially one so good for the heart and eyes as Cole! Will the arrival of an unexpected baby throw a kink in all their plans? Can Rachel keep the ranch together when those around her have other plans? When the plans of family and friends from the past conflict with her own plans, can Rachel save her father's legacy and create her own?

The Rancher's Doorstep Baby shines in the way Patricia Thayer incorporates loss and sadness into the romance the scene. I would have liked to see a bit more development of the character Rachel to match the wonderful hero's character. Cole is kind and caring without having to be asked. Although he wrestles with wanderlust and insecurity, he never turns that side against women. Never mean-spirited but a gentle loving soul at heart and in actions, Cole is special. It is refreshing to read about a hero whose behavior towards the heroine is both respectful and loving. No wonder Rachel is drawn to him! The secondary character Cy Parks adds a reading delight. As the ranch foreman, Cy is wise but unable to help physically on the ranch due to a recent heart attack. Nevertheless, his insight and keen eye catch details missed by the hero and heroine. The Rancher's Doorstep Baby is a perfect read for those moments in real life when you feel like tearing your hair out because nothing runs smoothly. The characters are kind despite their difficulties and the tone gentle and soothing. A perfect escape read!
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From the back cover:

Cole Parrish arrived at the Bar H ranch to work. That was all. Not to settle down, and certainly not to be tempted by the stunning redhead running the ranch all by herself.

Now a little baby has arrived on the doorstep—and Rachel has gone from auntie to mother overnight. She needs all the help she can get…but Cole can't stay.

He never promised anything.

Yet Rachel's heart is stolen by the sight of the brooding rancher cradling the tiny infant, and she has to ask herself—if he's so set on leaving, why is Cole still here?

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