A Royal Marriage of Convenience

by Marion Lennox

Fun, fun, fun! A roller coaster fairy tale romance ride

Marion Lennox's A Royal Marriage Of Convenience is a fast-faced fun romance read set in a fairy tale atmosphere. The inheritance theme takes characters good in heart and puts them in impossible situations, creating humor, suspense while the reader alternately moves from open-eyed gasps to smiles seeing how the characters cope with each new plot twist.

Rose McCray, a country vet, has had just about enough of her late husband's parents. She might as well be imprisoned and now the demands of honoring his memory have gone way over the top. When a letter arrives and plans are formed to make her claim the throne of Alp de Montez, it seems like a fairy tale come true... Nikolai de Montez, international lawyer, discovers he is the estranged heir to the throne but to rule, he must marry a woman he does not know, Rose McCray. Knowing how much the people need a change from previous monarchs, his humanitarian interests take over. A fairy tale that sounds too good and too easy to be true? True it is, but easy, never! Secret plots, greed and jealousy thwart them at every turn. Can they convince the people of Alp de Montez that this wedding is a marriage of love? Working together to help the people of this small country and protect their lives, will Nikolai and Rose find true love?

Marion Lennox's A Royal Marriage Of Convenience delights with a crazy roller coaster plot ride. Fast-paced in action, each new twist opens the hearts of Rose and Nikolai to each other. Each peril shows the inner character, warming the reader's heart as well. Rose's three legged dog Hoppy reveals the inner character of both villains and those with good hearts. Never overplayed or too cute, Marion Lennox writes Hoppy's character in just the right proportion to steal hearts. A Royal Marriage Of Convenience uses the fairy tale form to its advantage to create a riveting romance read. A good at heart hero and heroine are drawn together by an unexpected and zany circumstance which allows them to see beyond the exterior to the depth of each other's heart and inner values. Each new crazy twist creates suspense and emotional character depth right down to the last page. A fun, fun read!

Marion Lennox fans will be pleased to see the reappearance of the character of Ruby, a the good foster mother, who raised Nikolai. Ruby appears in other Marion Lennox romances, such as His Miracle Bride. There and here, she provides humor, common sense combined with practicality, and several emotionally moving scenes.

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From the back cover:

Nikolai de Montez, an international lawyer, has just discovered he's the estranged heir to the throne of Alp de Montez. To rightfully rule, he must marry Rose!

Rose McCray is an ordinary country vet, but her royal bloodline makes her Nik's bride of choice—and Rose knows it's her duty to accept.

The wedding ceremony is sumptuous, but when the formalities are over it's time for the prince and princess of Alp de Montez to get to know one another as man and wife!

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