The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella


by Liz Fielding

A lady, a klutz, a housekeeper and a romance novelist all in one heroine!

Published under the line Harlequin Romance (advertised as "From the heart. For the Heart."), The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella is a tender romance at its best with just the right mixture of depth and humor. This romance delights on every page. The heroine and hero could not be more perfect.

Accident-prone house cleaner and aspiring romance novelist Ellie March receives rejection after rejection. When she house sits for an academic philologist at the request of his sister (and unknown to him, of course), inspiration and calamity strike. Now known as Lady Gabriella March, Ellie writes for Milady magazine as the perfect domestic aristocrat using the grand house as her inspiration. When Dr. Benedict Faulkner returns unexpectedly from his research, the trouble begins. Can she keep her secret identity, maintain her writing career and prevent an accident or two as well? When her heart is exposed in the process, will Ellie choose practicality over long held dreams?

The plot is tight yet maintains the suspense and reader's pleasure. The characterization of both primary and even secondary characters is strong and memorable. By making the heroine a struggling romance author, Liz Fielding opens this romance beyond just a tender romance. The play with the stereotypical romance novel is a scream and priceless. Throughout the novel, her imagery consistently creates a world both vibrantly realistic and sensuously experienced. The reader easily imagines in sight, sound and smell the scenes of the gardens, the meals and even the accidents. The ending was just enough of a surprise to satisfy but at the same time carefully prepared by the author to ring true to the characters.

The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella is the perfect read for any reader who desires something a little different yet tender. Liz Fielding hits the perfect chord in this romance --- a lighthearted yet deep tenderness, complete with humorous zany complications. Not all of us can aspire to a Martha Stewart level of domestic perfection externally, but for those of us who will never succeed at this goal, this house cleaning heroine and her professor stole this reader's heart.

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