The Single Dad's Patchwork Family

by Claire Baxter
Single Dad and Single Mom find love and renewed sense of family

Claire Baxter's short romance, The Single Dad's Patchwork Family brings together a single dad and a single mom in a serene oceanside landscape. Together two wounded characters, two broken families, find love and the courage to trust again. Claire Baxter tells a story of the importance of friendship and trust in love, especially when kids are involved and a second chance romance creates new families.

Regan Jantz attends one of those kinds of cocktail parties... business, networking, information. She's a professional running a tuna farm and knows the drill but her heart leads her elsewhere. Something about Chase Mattner, a man away from the crowd just feels right. When Chase and Regan start talking, they find themselves sharing all those parts of themselves that had remained hidden. As a single mom with 2 boys, Regan wants to protect her sons and herself. As a single mom, she can't risk letting a man into her life only to walk out on her sons like their father did. But when Chase asks for help, can she resist? Chase never thought he would ever love again when his wife died. Can Regan break down his isolation? Can these two single parents find love and a new, richer sense of family together?

Chase Mattner is one hero, a man with an attraction to Regan but also a patient and understanding man who understands her needs. In her portrayal of the heroine's inner thoughts, Claire Baxter did an excellent job in portraying the dilemma facing single, divorced moms with kids to consider. The Single Dad's Patchwork Family balances the initial chemistry of attraction with a deeper love that develops through trust and experience. The reader feels their love grow naturally with each encounter as they talk together and share their secrets. The reader feels the hero and heroine's insecurities and especially Regan's reluctance to get involved while also feeling their natural pull to each other. Once these two meet, the it is the heart that draws them together but it is the growing friendship that makes the reader feel these two are a good match.

Claire Baxter's The Single Dad's Patchwork Family is a perfect short romance read for readers who crave a little peace and quiet from the hectic, fast-paced schedule but also want a romance that moves the heart. The oceanside landscape mixed with tender domestic scenes combine in a narrative style that enchants and soothes with this wonderful hero who has patience, kindness and a knack for knowing just what a busy woman and mother needs. Naturally, there are some conflicts putting together the pieces of this new patchwork family, but seeing Regan and Chase's friendship and romance develop puts a smile in the heart.

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From the back cover:

Chase Mattner has come to tranquil, secluded Leo Bay to raise his daughter. In their house by the ocean, he plans a simple life.

Regan Jantz isn't looking for distractions, either. With a tuna farm to run and two young sons to bring up alone, she's got her hands full.

But as single parents, Regan and Chase form a special bond. For so long their lives have been like jigsaws without the final pieces. Could a proposal from this gorgeous single dad make them whole again?

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