Sweetheart Lost and Found

by Shirley Jump

Wonderful second chance romance and first in a 6 book continuity series

Shirley Jump's Sweetheart Lost and Found is the first book in the a multi-authored 6 book continuity series, The Wedding Planners. Shirley Jump's short romance is a fantastic introduction to the series and a great romance in and of itself. Humorous and heart moving, Sweetheart Lost and Found is a wonderful second chance romance tale of Mr. Straight-and-Narrow and Ms. Wild-and-Crazy meting years later.

Callie Phillips might work as the florist for the Wedding Belles wedding planners, but when it comes to love and romance, her broken heart has made her a cynic when it comes to love. When the wedding planners strike up a bet that all six women will get their own happily ever after, Callie knows that without a doubt, she will be the one to smash their dreams.

Jared Townsend believes in statistics. Whatever can be measured and quantified is real. Sitting in a bar with his trusty clipboard, Jared plans to bring science to bear on the question of love. Anything has to be better than watching his true love walk off with Tony. When suddenly Callie walks into the bar and his life to deliver wedding invitations to the bar owner, Jared knows he cannot let Callie walk away this time. Jared loved Callie many years ago and he knows her better than anyone. Something has changed in her. Can Mr. Straight-and-Narrow see beneath her cynicism and pain and break down the walls around her heart?

Shirley Jump does an excellent job introducing the new continuity series The Wedding Planners. The reader gets a glimpse at the six heroines readers will meet in future books but never at the expense of Callie and Jared's story. The friendship between the women adds a nice dimension to this romance and the character of Belle, the owner of Tee Wedding Belles is just priceless! The hero might be a bit of a nerd, but a sexy, smart and caring one. I found this hero quite refreshing. Shirley Jump captures the hero and heroine in their younger days and how life had changed them. The dexterity of this author's characterization in two different time periods makes their story both believable and quite moving. The humor here is fantastic too.

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From the back cover:

As the Wedding Belles' florist, Callie is surrounded by blushing brides. If only she still believed in love. Callie made a mistake many years ago. She let a good man go, and now keeps her heart safe. But what's she going to do now that the good man is back?

Jared Townsend knows he should have fought harder for Callie in the past. Now he's determined to bring her out of her shell and find the beautiful, vivacious woman he once knew. Can he show her how to laugh again, feel again…even love again?

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