To Love and To Cherish

by Jennie Adams
Wonderful emotional best friends romance read!

To Love And To Cherish by Jennie Adams is an emotionally powerful short romance read. As a best friends romance, Jennie Adams pinpoints the crucial of trust in both friendships and romance. Deep emotions and thoughts mix with precise, humorous and dramatic action scenes.

While caring for the Campbell goats, Tiffany Campbell only wants things to run smoothly while she is in charge. Her pet goat Amalthea has other plans. Amalthea's antics are not the only thing disrupting Tiffany's plans. Back in town, her best friend Jack Reid stands right before her. Jack broke Tiffany's heart when he left but Jack only wanted to protect her by sparing her the news of his illness, by protecting her from his family's history. Can Tiffany rediscover her friendship with Jack or are some secrets just too deep to share? With the kind of chemistry between Jack and Tiffany brewing behind the scenes, can friendship lead to love or must they choose between friendship and love?

To Love And To Cherish is a powerful emotional read that will have readers both smiling and reaching for a tissue more than once. Several surprising twists add to Jack's character and to the best friends theme. Jack and Tiffany's struggle to maintain their friendship adds both emotion and depth to the idea of friendship. To Love And To Cherish makes excellent use of the theme of choice into both friendship and romance. Jennie Adams skill in characterization even extends to the goat Amalthea, providing comic relief and a unique sense of depth in Tiffany. Jack and Tiffany's story pull at the heart strings --- so do Amalthea scenes as well! As a wounded hero, Jack is both strong and vulnerable, a perfect mix. Will trusting Tiffany in friendship and romance bring him a healing beyond his wildest imagination?

Tiffany's bold move before Jack is just perfect! To Love And To Cherish has a beautiful ending, one which reaches out to the essence of love and romance. When I reached the last page, I confess, I let out an audible "Yes! Thank you!" and even put my hand in the air in a cheer for the author. Jennie Adams turns certain stereotypes on their side, opening up new dimensions into the nature of friendship and love.

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From the back cover:

All that I am I give to you…

When Jack left Australia a year ago, Tiffany thought she'd lost him for good. But in truth, Jack loved Tiffany too much to share the painful secret of his illness. He went away to cope the only way he knew how—alone.

Now seeing Tiffany again makes Jack long for the love he believes he neither deserves nor could ever return. Tiffany has different ideas, and sets out to prove she can love and cherish him—for better or for worse.

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