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Wedded in a Whirlwind
Wedded in a Whirlwind by Liz Fielding
by Liz Fielding
Double delight! Emotional and action packed in a unique inner and outer landscape

Publisher: Harlequin Romance (November 2008)

Miranda Grenville has decided to strike out on her own, to leave behind the mansion and her brother Ivo and his new family. For too long she took care of her brother Ivo's life but now that he has found happiness, Miranda needs to escape from all the emotions churning inside. Although she had been assured that Cordillera island with its ancient temples and archaeological wonders would be the next hot destination, Manda learns that unspoiled means a severe lack of creature comforts --- and about to get much worse! Archaeologist Nick Jago has had enough of civilization with its sensationalism, scandals and celebrity worship. This sexy adventurer is more at home out in the wild exploring the remote ancient temples and doing quality research, at least until an unexpected betrayal threatens his life's work. In an instant, an earthquake changes everything. Plunged underground into the depths of an underground temple, Manda and Nick must fight for survival in a world of darkness with only the barest of survival aids.

Miranda is the ultimate survivor, a woman who has survived a difficult past and prospered, but can she survive the challenges of a natural disaster, especially when her survival might just mean trusting someone besides herself? Nick Jago is just about the last man Miranda would ever choose with his rustic rebellious ways, and yet, something about the way this man treats her feels so different than anything she has known before. About the last thing Nick needs is a beautiful stylish woman by his side but something about her makes the fight for survival all the more worthwhile. With their very lives at stake, can these two put their differences aside and learn to trust in one another? Can trust built in such an isolated place last beyond their escape? Or will their differences finally separate them once and for all?

In WEDDED IN A WHIRLWIND, Liz Fielding takes a secondary character, Ivo's sister, from REUNITED: MARRIAGE IN A MILLION and opens the door on her heart. Liz Fielding places Miranda, a woman always in control of herself and everyone else too, in a landscape where she really has no control.  Different than her in just about every way, Nick is exactly the kind of man for her heart! Emotionally scarred from her past, Miranda finds in Nick the one man with both the strength and vulnerability she needs, the one man with whom she can shed the walls she has built to protect herself. This reader secretly hoped for Miranda's story ever since I met her in the previous book, and having now read it, I am twice as thrilled as when I opened the first page and discovered she was the main heroine.

WEDDED IN A WHIRLWIND captures the reader's attention immediately with a combination of emotion and dramatic fast-paced action that will keep readers up late at night wanting to discover how these two can possibly escape. Forced to work together in darkness and close physical proximity, Miranda and Nick learn to see beneath the surface, hearing in each other's voices and smallest body gestures intimate clues as to the other's heart. The landscape of the dark underground temple mirrors the emotional landscape of her characters, adding a rich depth to their inner journey. From the most dark and barren place underground, two hearts emerge, healed inside from a love that grows as they open up to one another. In one dramatic moment, Miranda shares with Nick, the one secret she could never share with anyone else. Nick's reaction could not be more perfect. In WEDDED IN A WHIRLWIND, Liz Fielding creates a romance with all the elements her readers have come to love --- emotional depth, a delightful sense of humor as the sparks fly in the first encounter between hero and heroine, a richness of character that draws the reader into her stories and a pivotal romantic moment that opens the heart---but to this she adds even more. Placing the most seemingly unlikely romance heroine in this inner and outer landscape, Liz Fielding creates a romance that moves to the very depths of the reader's heart. Each and every detail of this romance delights!

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