Wedding Bells at Wandering Creek Ranch

by Patricia Thayer

Western romance with a bit of suspense and an expansive view of love

Patricia Thayer's Wedding Bells at Wandering Creek Ranch is a short romance set in the west. Patricia Thayer depicts the community surrounding the hero and heroine, giving a look inside and beyond the couple to bring love's transforming power to others.

Private investigator Jack Sullivan has a job to do --- find Dean Kingsley and investigate a case of theft. If he has to camp out at Wandering Creek Ranch in his car, so be it. Dean's sister Willow, daughter of THE Hollywood movie star couple Molly Reynolds and Matt Kingsley, cherishes her privacy and she will do anything to protect herself and her brother from tabloids and gossip...even if it means inviting the persistent detective straight into her home and hiring him to help around the ranch! Anything is better than having someone seeing him camped out in his car and drawing someone's attention. Can Willow see beyond her past and her family's celebrity to trust Jack's claim that he wants to help her brother?

Patricia Thayer is a Harlequin Romance author who just keeps growing on me with each romance I read of hers. She brings the reader right into the heart of ranch life in her western romances, both the solitude and also how western life is part of a larger community despite the large spaces between ranches and others. She creates characters with character backgrounds that allow the reader to see the person as whole. Wedding Bells at Wandering Creek Ranch adds suspense to the romance and Jack's character.

In Wedding Bells at Wandering Creek Ranch, Patricia Thayer brings romance out beyond the hero and heroine to an entire ranch or community of people. Her romances heal hearts not just with the hero-heroine romance but also in not necessarily love but in healing ways true of the romance genre to the people surrounding the hero and heroine. In Wedding Bells at Wandering Creek Ranch, Patricia Thayer expands her visions to family members and troubled kids. The reader sees how the growing love and trust between Jack and Willow changes the lives of those around them. Wedding Bells at Wandering Creek Ranch is a powerful statement about love.

Patricia Thayer's Wedding Bells at Wandering Creek Ranch has a bit of a general fiction short story or novella with romance feel more than a short romance that focuses more exclusively on the hero and heroine, adding a wonderful variety the Harlequin Romance line-up for April releases. Readers who crave variety in romance reads will cherish this book. For me, this kind of variety speaks to the the beauty of the short romance form --- there are so many endless possibilities, so many endless types of wonderful romances that reading can be an act of discovery. Wedding Bells at Wandering Creek Ranch and Patricia Thayer bring something new and wonderful to the short romance form. If you like romance, fiction and happy endings and want a story about love transforming power into a community, Patricia Thayer's Wedding Bells at Wandering Creek Ranch is a great reading choice!

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From the back cover:

P.I. Jack Sullivan, black-eyed and dark-hearted, is at Wandering Creek Ranch on official business—business that doesn't include falling for the striking blonde who tries to throw him off her land.…

Willow Kingsley's ranch in the Hollywood Hills is her sanctuary. She'll fight the gorgeous stranger and protect her own. What she doesn't realize is that Jack's on her side, and when she's in his arms he'll do everything in his power to keep her safe.…

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